Date of update: 5/15/2011

XTRA for work with database files Microsoft Access

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1. If you want to work with more tables from mdb database, it is enough to call the functions dbRegistration
and dbOpen only once when working with the first table.

Example - Director
mdb1=new(xtra "dmmMDBJet")
mdb1.dbRegistration("dmm", "demo")
mdb1.dbOpen(the pathName&"data.mdb", "abc")
mdb1.dbActiveSQL("SELECT * FROM data1 WHERE id='abc' ")
mdb2=new(xtra "dmmMDBJet")
mdb2.dbActiveSQL("SELECT * FROM data2")
mdb3=new(xtra "dmmMDBJet")
mdb3.dbOpenTable( "data3")

Example - Authorware
CallObject(mdb1; "dbRegistration"; "dmm"; "demo")
CallObject(mdb1; "dbOpen"; FileLocation ^ "data.mdb"; "abc")
CallObject(mdb1; "dbActiveSQL"; "SELECT * FROM data1 WHERE id='abc' ")
CallObject(mdb2; "dbActiveSQL"; "SELECT * FROM data2")
CallObject(mdb3; "dbOpenTable"; "data3")

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