Date of update: 5/15/2011

XTRA for work with database files Microsoft Access

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The library dmmMDB.x32 enables to work with database files Microsoft Access (mdb) in Director and Authorware. To access the mdb database it uses database engine Microsoft.Jet OLEDB. This engine is included in every program packet installation of Office, Internet Explorer and other applications. With no exaggeration we can say that a computer with Windows oprational system, where Microsoft Jet is not insatlled is a rarity. Even if Microsoft Jet is not installed, it can be downloaded free of charge on Microsoft webpages. Our XTRA approaches mdb files using commands of SQL language. We are not about to explain the principle of this language. We advise to read manuals for work with Access and SQL language.

The library supports
• Director • 8, 9, 10, 11, 11.5
• Authorware 6 and later


24.07.2006   Version 2.1   For the functions dbActiveSQL and dbExecSQL the returned values type was changed from void to boolean.
The functions dbBlobBMP2Member and dbMember2BlobBMP were added.
11.07.2006   Version 2.0   The error in dbColumns() function was fixed.
Some functions were optimised.
13.09.2005   Version 1.9   The functions dbXtraVersion and dbCompactAndRepair were added.
01.09.2005   Version 1.8   The access to the mdb file has been changed. The functions dbRegistration and dbOpen are now globally valid for all attached tables from the mdb file. The functions dbRegistration and dbOpen will now be used only once for all the tables in the mdb file.
31.08.2005   Version 1.7   The functions dbFilter, dbFiltered and dbIsFiltered were added.
17.08.2005   Version 1.6   The functions dbSetProducer and dbGetProducer were added.
16.07.2005   Version 1.5   In the dmmFTS a support for fulltext searching in mdb files was added. A new indexer dmmFTSIndexerMDB for mdb files was created.
These functions were added: dbGetADOVersion, dbGetTableNames, dbOpenTable, dbIndexFieldNames, dbLocate, dbInsertBookmark, dbGoToBookmark, dbGetBookmarks, dbDeleteBookmark, dbClearBookmarks, dbEdit, dbAppend, dbDelete
21.06.2005   Version 1.4   These functions have been renamed:
dbFields to dbGetFields
dbFieldByName to dbGetFieldByName
dbFieldByNumber to dbGetFieldByNumber
Number of parametres of the function dbRegistration has been changed.
25.04.2005   Version 1.3   The functions dbErrorDialog and dbErrorLog were added.
14.04.2005   Version 1.2   The functions dbIsNoError, dbFieldByName, dbFieldByNumber were added.
Examples for Authorware were added
20.01.2005   Version 1.1   Adjustment of the function dbExecSQL
04.08.2004   Version 1.0   Creation of the XTRA

Possibilities of use
The main advatage of mdb files use in multimedia applications is, that one can work with them easily and also dates can be inserted in the same way. It allows the user to divide contents of the application from the application itself and consequently even people, which do not work in Macromedia Director or Authorware can participate in its development. The library fits perfectly to CD-ROM applications.

Our company has been also developing supports for other databasis in Macromedia Director and Authorware. Our aim is to make unified control in Director and Authorware, na matter what database a user works with. The differences will be minimal.

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