Date of update: 5/15/2011

XTRA dmmFTS for fulltext searching

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DmmFTS is a software tool for fulltext index generation and fulltext searching in Macromedia Director and Macromedia Authorware. The product consists of several parts. The first one is an indexer that enables to build the fulltext index from various files, for example html, rvf, rtf , txt etc. Another part of the product is an XTRA library dmmFTS.x32, that enables to use the fulltext searching in Director or Authorware.

The library supports
• Director 8 and newer
• Authorware 6 and newer


16.07.2005   Version 1.3   The functions ftsGetFieldByName and ftsGetFieldByNumber were added
07.07.2005   Version 1.2   Number of parametres of the function ftsRegistration was changed.
New indexer dmmFTSIndexerMDB was created.
These functions were added: ftsIsNoError, ftsErrorDialog, ftsErrorLog, ftsInsertBookmark, ftsGoToBookmark, ftsGetBookmarks, ftsDeleteBookmark, ftsClearBookmarks
22.01.2005   Version 1.1   The function ftsRankMode was added
16.09.2004   Version 1.0   Creation of the library

Possibilities of use
The product can be used anywhere where a user needs to work with a number of files in Director or Authorware and wants to use them for fulltext searching. The fulltext searching enables a user to find a desired concrete term (a word). In the fulltext searching it is possible, thanks to logical operators, search articles (chapters, documents, links) that contain:
• one or more searched words
• several searched words together
• a certain word but never in combination with another, this time not acceptable,word
• given words among which there is a relation (they are located close to one another in the text)
• given words and their derivations (all words beginning with the identical group of letters)
• given words and similar words (useful when , for example, we don´t know the exact structure of a foreign
   word or if there is a group of letters that changes in the middle of relative words)
• phrases

Fulltext index creation
To be able to do fulltext browsing it is necessary first to create a fulltext index.The fultext index of dmmFTS.x32 is represented by a special file, with fts extension. With dmmFTS.x32 it is possible to get the following types of indexers for fulltext index generation. The indexers differs depending on type of the input files.

Fulltext searching use
If you,using the indexer, created a fulltext index, that is saved, for example in demo.fts, this fts file and the library XTRA dmmFTS.x32 are then enough for all the later work in Director or Authorware.

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