Date of update: 5/15/2011

Xtra for Director and Authorware

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The development of components and products
We create components based on dll libraries (dll), ActiveX (ocx) and XTRAS (x32) for these products:
• Director (x32, ocx)
• Authorware (x32, u32, dll, ocx)
• Toolbook (dll, ocx)
• Delphi (dll, ocx)
• Visual Basic (dll, ocx)
• Language C (dll, ocx)
• .NET framework (dll, ocx)
• ASP.NET framework (dll, ocx)

Why to use our libraries and components
Our libraries and components are tested in variety of programming languages, which is the main reason. The libraries and products have been used in many real applications and our developing team updates them all the time.
In case some problems occur we are able to solve them. Our team also creates real CD-ROM, CD-Extra, WEB-CD and other applications, based on several programming languages. Requests for our products come directly from working experience. This base can be hardly requested with FREE products.

Note:  The components based on dll, COM, COM+, DCOM libraries and ActiveX can be used in any programming language.

If you make Web-CD applications, we offer you services of our server and technologies based on CGI, ISAPI, CORBA, MIDAS, SOAP, Web Services and multi-layer applications for the access to the dates.

If you need to create any special components for your projects,
we will programme them for you with pleasure.

If you are interested, you can test some of our components. Fully-working demo versions of the components with examples are available. If you do not find an appropriate component for you, we will be happy to create it for you, regarding your needs. If you you find a component in a different shape than you need, for example dll instead of ActiveXm, we will convert it for you.

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