Date of update: 5/15/2011

XTRA dmmFTS for fulltext searching

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Fulltext XTRA indexer dmmFTSIndexer.x32 for Macromedia Director

XTRA to be downloaded
There is a fully working XTRA available.

dmmFTSIndexer.x32 (800 kB)

The indexer dmmFTSIndexer.x32 is to compile fulltext indexes from text objects "Text" and "Field", saved in cast member of Macromedia Director. The indexer has been created as an XTRA library.

The indexer supports
• Director 8 and newer


16.09.2004   Version 1.0   Creation of the indexer

1. If you run Macromedia Director, close it.
2. Find the folder where Macromedia Director is installed.
3. Copy dmmFTSIndexer.x32 to the folder XTRAS.
4. Run Macromedia Director again.
5. The indexer itself will be placed in "Xtras / Studio dmm / Fulltext indexer"

How the indexer works, some advice for the beginning
The indexer looks for text objects in cast member, which are consequently indexed. Have a look at some advice before you begin to work:
1. The text files, which you want to be indexed should be, because of clarity,saved in one cast library.
2. Name the separate cast members, which you want to be indexed, clearly with different names. You will then use these names for searching results screening. Duplicitous names could complicate work with the found documents.
3.If you changed contents of documetns after you had indexed them, you must repeat the indexation.

The way how to use and create the fulltext index.

1. In the left part click on the casts you want to search in.
2. .After clicking on">>" all the text objects (text, filed) included in the chosen cast memebers will
     appear In the right window.
3. If you want remove some text objects from indexation, use "<" button.
4. Choose a file on your harddisc, to which the fulltext index will be saved, for example c:\demo\demo.fts .
     Then use this file for the fulltext searching itself.
5. Click on the button "Build FTS Index".
6. Having clicked "Close" you finish your work with the indexer.

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