void=setCellUTF8String(col:integer, row:integer, val: string)
The function saves a value of the UTF-8 string. type to the the cell in the xls document. When saving in Excel, the values are automatically reconverted to the UNICODE format.

Col and row are coordinates of the cell, that we want to save the string value to. Col is a coordinate of column and row is a coordinate of row. The values range from firstCol to lastCol, respectively from firstRow to lastRow. Type of val is unicode string and insert a text chain, that we save to a cell.

If you want to save the UTF-8 format to the xls file in the same shape use the function SetCellString.

Example - Director
global xls
xls.setCellUTF8String(2, 10, "XTRA")

Example - Authorware
CallObject(xls; "setActiveSheet" ; 1) 
CallObject(xls; "setCellUTF8String"; 2; 10; "XTRA")