void=registration( name: string, code:string)
This function has to be called before the first use of the dmmXLS immediately after its initialisation. Unless the right registration name and number are inserted, an announcement "this is a demo version" will appear.

Type of name is string, for the demo version name = "dmm".
Type of code is string, for the demo version code= "demo". The chain for commercial version is unique.
To register the user will receive parameters code and name.

For safety reasons incorrect parameters can be only inserterted 3 times in the function registration. If you insert incorrect parameters name and code more times the registration is blocked and the XTRA will not work. You will be informed about it by a dialogue window. In this case you´ve got to restart Director or Authorware.

Parameters name="dmm" and code="demo" are not considered as incorrect.
The demo version of the XTRA dmmXLS can only be run in the "Author" mode. In the "Projector" mode the demo version is not functional.

Example - Director
global xls
xls.registration("dmm", "demo")

Example - Authorware
CallObject(xls; "registration"; "dmm"; "demo")