boolean=loadFromZip(zipFile, zipPassword, xlsFile:string)
This function loads xls documents saved in a zip archive. The work procedure is easy. We prepare xls files and compress them to a zip. We can protect this zip with a password. The function loadFromZip enables to read separate files of the archive and to show them in Director or Authorware using XTRA dmmXLS. To have this function activated in the XTRA you need to have the additive library dmmZip in the directory where dmmXLS is placed. In the case the file has been successfully loaded the function gives true, otherwise it gives false.

There are 3 parametres in this function. ZipFile is a zip archive, in which we keep the documents. ZipPassword is a password for the zip archive. If there is no password, we insert an empty chain. XlsFile is a name xls file in a zip document. We have to insert the name including the extension.

Example - Director
global xls
xls.loadFromZip(the pathName & "", "abc", "data.xls")

Example - Authorware
CallObject(xls; "loadFromZip"; FileLocation ^ ""; "abc"; "data.xls")