boolean=loadFromFile(file:string, password: string)
This function reads an xls file for next use. We cannot read the contents of cells, unless it si read using the function loadFromFile. If xls or xlsx were read correctly the function returns true. If an error occurred, false is returned.

Type of file is string and we insert name of an xls or xlsx file including the path. Type of password is string. We enter password in case we run an xls or xlsx file protected by a password.

Attention: A new parameter password has been added to the function in version 3.1.

Example - Director
global xls
if xls.loadFromFile(the pathName&"data.xls", "") =false then   ..... file is not protected by a password
end if

if xls.loadFromFile(the pathName&"data2.xls", "abc") =false then
end if

Example - Authorware
CallObject(xls; "loadFromFile"; FileLocation ^ "data.xls"; "")  ..... file is not protected by a password
CallObject(xls; "loadFromFile"; FileLocation ^ "data2.xls"; "abc")