string=getCellString(col:integer, row:integer)
The function reads contents of a cell in xls format and gives it back in string format. If, for example, integer value is included in the cell, it is also converted into string format. If a formula is included in the cell, its value is given back. In Director up to the version 10, this function returns ansi coded page. In Director 11 the function return text in UTF-8.

Col and row are coordinates of the cell, whose contents we want to read. Col is a column coordinate and row is a row coordinate. The values range from firstCol and lastCol, or firstRow and lastRow.

Example - Director
global xls
val=xls.getCellString( 2, 10)

Example - Authorware
CallObject(xls; "setActiveSheet" ; 1) 
val:=CallObject(xls; "getCellString"; 2; 10)