void=dbMember2BlobBMP(fieldName: string, castNum: integer, memberNum: integer)
The function saves image cast member to database. In the database the item "object OLE" must be created. The cast member cannot be saved to another type of items. It can only be saved to an existing data sentence. The funciton dbMember2BlobBMP does not insert new records, it only edits the existing ones. The cast member is saved in the database in format BMP. The function only works in Director.

The function has 3 parametres. The first, FieldName whose type is string and to which we insert name of the "object OLE" item defined in the database. Cast Num is of integer type and we insert here number of the cast we are going to work with. For example cast internal has number 1 etc. MemberNum is number of the cast member whose contents we want to save to the database. Type of the cast member must be image.

Example - Director
global mdb