boolean=dbLocate(listSearch: propertyLists, CaseInSensitive: boolean, PartialKey: boolean)
The function finds in the database a record fulfiling the conditions inserted in the parameter listSearch. If a record fulfiling the conditions is found, the function jumps and returns the value true. In the opposite case the value false is returned.

The function has 3 parametres. The listSearch parameter is of the Abstract Data Types type and it consits of a couple of dates being name and value of the item that we want to find [#fieldByName1: value1, #fieldByName2: value2, #fieldByName3: value3, ...]. For example [#id: 10, #name: "John"].
The parameters CaseInSensitive and PartialKey control the way of searching.
If you set CaseInSensitive=true,the searching will be done, no matter what the size of letters is. If you set PartialKey=true the records fulfiling the inserted conditions and parts of their text chain will be found.

Example - Director
global mdb
if not mdb.dbLocate([#id: 10, #name: "John"], true, false) then
end if

Example - Authorware
CallObject(mdb,"dbLocate", [#id: 10, #name: "John"], true, false)