value=dbGetFieldByNumber(fieldNo: string)
The function gives value of one item of the actual record in the database. The item is defined by its number in the database. The function gives value in the format in which the item in the database is defined. If, for example the item ordNumber is defined as integer, the given value is integer too. When an eror occurs in database, the function gives back an empty text item.

The parameter of the function is fieldNo, whose type is integer and we insert number of the item in the database. The parameter ranges from 1 (the first item) to the number dbColumnCount (the last item).


Example - Director
global mdb

Example - Authorware
ordNumber:=CallObject(mdb,"dbGetFieldByNumber", 1) 
company:=CallObject(mdb,"dbGetFieldByNumber", 2) 
type:=CallObject(mdb,"dbGetFieldByNumber", 3)