void=dbFilter(filter: string)
This function enables to set the filter for a certain database table. Using the filter only those records that are in accordance with the setted filter will be screened. It is actually a sort of the "where" clauses in the function select for the question SQL.

The only parameter of the function is filter, whose type is string. Filter is a combination of the items, cllauses, operators etc. names, for example (State <> 'CA') AND (Custno > 1400) AND (Custno < 1500). If we use items of the string type in the filter we have to close the searched chain by single quotes. In some cases we have to
close separate parts of the filter by brackets, so that the clause could be interpreted correctly.

List of operators that can be used in the function dbFilter:
Operator Meaning
< Less than
> Greater than
>= Greater than or equal to
<= Less than or equal to
= Equal to
<> Not equal to
AND Tests two statements are both True
NOT Tests that the following statement is not True
OR Tests that at least one of two statements is True

Example - Director
global mdb
mdb.dbFilter("ordNumber>='A001' and ordNumber<='A027'")

Example - Authorware
CallObject(mdb; "dbFilter","ordNumber>='A001' and ordNumber<='A027'")