boolean=dbActiveSQL(sql: string)
The function puts through an SQL command, whose type is SELECT. We are not about to explain the principle of SELECT commands and SQL language. We advise to read appropriate manuals. If the SQL order has been well accomoplished, the function returns true. If an error occured during the SQL order, the function returns false.

The only parameter in this function is the SQL command SELECT.

When working with texts in SQL you have to separate using quotation marks, for example WHERE ordNumber='abc'.
If you want to work with more tables from mdb database, it is enough to call the functions dbRegistration and dbOpen only once when working with the first table.

Example - Director
global mdb
if mdb.dbActiveSQL("SELECT * FROM data WHERE ordNumber='abc' ") then

end if 

Example - Authorware
CallObject(mdb,"dbActiveSQL","SELECT * FROM data WHERE ordNumber='abc' ")